NEW DRIVEWAYS: The Town of Draper issues driveway permits for $25 per driveway with terms and conditions for size, location and installation, to maintain proper drainage and visual clearance for the safety of town roadways and right of ways- here is a link to our application: 2024 Driveway Permit

A member of the town crew and/or town board member will come to your proposed driveway location (please flag or stake it so they can locate it) and look at how the driveway will enter onto the town road. Some potential concerns are culverts so the ditches continue to flow and safety (visibility, traffic, best location). Any recommendations will be noted on your permit.

Following the construction of your driveway, they will follow up with an inspection prior to signing off on the project.


All Land Use Permits (LUPs), Rezoning and Conditional Use Permits (CUPs) are initiated through Sawyer County Zoning in Hayward (715) 643-8288

Fire Number (address) signs are issued by Sawyer County Land Records.

Here is a link to the various applications at Sawyer County: Permits | Sawyer County, WI (

Conditional Use Permits and Rezones go through the Town of Draper Board for review, input and recommendation to the county prior to the permits being granted, but all scheduling for the required hearings is done at Sawyer County and the final permits are approved by Sawyer County Zoning.


Once work is complete, any required building inspections are done through:

TAK Inspections


W3196 County Rd. D
Phillips, Wi 54555

Phone: (715) 820-0415
Email: [email protected]