Town of Draper

6994 N Main St., Loretta, WI 54896-6138

For general inquiries, Email: [email protected] or Phone: (715) 266-2110


For road issues or board matters, contact your Chair or Supervisors:

Town Chair Richard Burt

Phone: (715) 266-2622

Email: [email protected]

First Supervisor

Tim Kelley

Phone: (414) 530-9110

Email: [email protected]

Second Supervisor

Steve Beining 

Phone: (920) 207-9666

Email: [email protected]


For Elections, Cemetery, Operators Licenses, Accounting and Records

Town Clerk Chris Klein

6994N Main St., Loretta, WI 54896

Email: [email protected] Phone: (715) 266-2110

For tax payments and dog licenses

Treasurer Blaire Shydlowski

6994N Main St., Loretta, WI 54896

Phone: (715) 266-2110 Email: [email protected]

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