Steve Beining


Linda Dezotell

Vice Chair

John Kleczynski


Chris Klein


Jacquie Schroeder

The 2021 Plan Commission was established per Wisconsin Statutes for a term of three years from April 2021-April 2024. Members and the Presiding Officer were appointed by the Town Chair and confirmed by the town board on June 14, 2021. Members were chosen for their expertise in town governance, technology and business administration. The Plan Commission meets quarterly and serves in an advisory capacity to the town board, reviewing zoning and other proposals that affect the atmosphere and quality of life in the town and interacting with the Sawyer County Board and Economic Development Committee.

The goal of the Plan Commission is to oversee positive development of the Town of Draper in accordance with the town's Comprehensive Plan, which lays out a 10-20 year projection of residential and economic growth and development with the stated goal of preserving our unique small town atmosphere and abundant natural resources.

You may communicate with a member of the Plan Commission by emailing [email protected]. The Plan Commission is a public entity subject to the Open Meetings Law and all communications are publicly discoverable under the Freedom of Information Act by written request.