Summary of Resolution & Ordinances Adopted


The following Resolutions and Ordinances were adopted and signed by the Draper Town Board on October 9, 2023. A summary appears below- the complete documents may be viewed at the clerk’s office located at 6994N Main St., Loretta, WI 54896, or on this website by navigating to “Resolutions & Ordinances.”


Resolution #15-2023

Adopt BCPL Loan # 05605869 for Purchase of Dump Truck


ATV/UTV Ordinance Amended October 9, 2023

Portion of EE Route Clarified


2022 Snowmobile Ordinance- Amended Route October 9, 2023

Updated version of previous Snowmobile Route, removes the portion of N. Clover from Sweitzer to Fish Trap to the town line because Trail 5 has reopened through Eagle.



Published under Wis. stat. 60.80 this 10th day of October, 2023


Elizabeth Klein

Clerk, Town of Draper