Ordinance #5-2023 Citation Ordinance

Ordinance #5-2023 Citation Ordinance was adopted by the town board on July 10, 2023 at the regular town board meeting. This supersedes citation Ordinance 2-96 that was adopted to enforce Ordinance 1-96, traffic on the Flambeau Recreational Bridge at Oxbo. The new ordinance includes Ordinance 1-96, the 2014 Public Nuisance Ordinance, Ordinance #3-2023 Recycling, and Ordinance #4-2023 Dogs Running at Large. Existing and/or future ordinances may be added as needed by adoption at a town board meeting to amend this ordinance.

The full signed document may be viewed on this website under the “Ordinances” link.

This ordinance gives the town the authority to write tickets for violations when necessary, to enforce the town’s ordinances that are covered under it. It is a standard ordinance in towns, villages and cities throughout Wisconsin.