LTD Broadband Update

LTD Broadband update: LTD has been in the news lately as they fight for the FCC to release the federal RDOF funds for territories they were awarded under that program. They are litigating the FCC’s decision to deny their funds- please note that Starlink was also denied FCC RDOF approval. RDOF is a complex federal program and has been very contentious to implement as it rolled out. LTD is not alone in experiencing difficulty with RDOF funding.
As of yesterday, LTD confirmed that they are still fully committed to the Draper Broadband PSC Grant installation- this is an entirely different grant and funding source. They are anxious to get started and have the fiber and equipment in stock and ready to go- just working out the final arrangements with the Wisconsin PSC before starting.
We will keep everyone updated on the developing project as we go along. If you haven’t signed up on our customer list, please stop by the town hall with your name, address, phone and/or email to add to the list so we can be sure to get information to you when it’s time to connect! Real high speed fiber to the home beats all the alternatives- we are excited to get this going in Draper!