Dump Violations

Someone left plastic gutters and downspouts and an aluminum lawn chair at the dump when it was closed. In addition we received a new recycling citation of $96.00 for prohibited items thrown into the recycling dumpster.

Garbage: EVERYONE MUST PURCHASE TOWN OF DRAPER BAGS. Only household garbage in Town of Draper bags is accepted- no junk or other items are accepted outside of the cabin cleanout month. The Town is no longer accepting piles of junk next to the shed.

Recycling: Only items on the accepted recyclables list are allowed in the recycling dumpster: do not argue with the attendant or sneak items into the dumpster. WHEN IN DOUBT, THROW IT OUT. The recycling dumpster is not where you throw items to get around buying a garbage bag.

Due to the ongoing violations at the dump site, the town board has ordered a camera to be placed in a hidden location. 

No unauthorized persons may enter the locked drop off site during closed hours: please do not enter the drop off site when it is closed or law enforcement will be contacted.

By Order of Draper Town Board